Making Homemade Sprinkles – Tutorial




Tools You Will Need:

Sugar/Gum Paste (Colors of Your Choice)

Powdered Sugar or Cornstarch

Rolling Pin

Icing Tips / Cookie or Fondant Cutters <—— Different Sizes and Shapes for variety


Step 1: Dust your work surface with either powdered sugar or cornstarch.

Step 2: Roll out the sugar/gum paste of equal thickness. Using rolling pin rings will help you get an equal thickness all around.

Step 3: Take your desired icing tip (any shape and size) and make cuts on the paste.

Step 4: Let the “sprinkles” dry for at least 5 hours, or until you touch them, and they hold their shape.


You can make any design you chose, by using different cutters.

Round Tip
Straight Tip “Similar to Jimmies”
Tear Drop Tip
Large Round Tip
Cut out as many as you want or need.


Storage: Once dry, the “sprinkles” should be placed in an air tight container. They will last for months. If you have a special event of party theme coming up, you ca make your sprinkles ahead of time, saving you time to make other desserts.


** Flavor Notes: Sugar/Gum paste, especially store bought, tend to be already flavored with a light vanilla taste. However, if you want, you can flavor them with extracts and oils, such as LorAnn Oils. If possible, make your own sugar/gum paste and flavor it. Ever have Cotton Candy flavored sprinkles? Well now you can.**



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