Chrysty Medina grew up in the traditional Latin family, where everything was made with Adobo and white rice with eggs and ketchup were acceptable as a morning breakfast. But it was through her grandmother’s desserts, that Chrysty really enjoyed her family heritage. There was nothing better than having homemade “flan” or Latin shortbread cookies for dessert.

In 2009, Chrysty decided to enroll in the ‘Escuela Hotelera de San Juan’ in Puerto Rico, where she studied commercial baking. It was there that she developed a passion for learning everything baking. After graduating, she would take it upon herself to take things one step further by watching instructional videos and putting into practice what she had learned. She was determined to perfect what she had learned, even if it meant staying up into the wee hours of the morning. Her determination for perfection and passion for flavorful desserts have really paid off.

Rather than keep everything she has learned to herself, Chrysty has decided to pay it forward and dedicate her free time to teaching how to do everything desserts. You can check out her YouTube Channel – Baking Savvy, where she has instructional videos where she shares her most sought after recipes and creative desserts flavors.

 Be on the lookout for Chrysty. You never know what she will be up to, no matter what the hour.