Two-Tone Piping Techniques

Through out the years I have been asked what my preferred method is on mixing two icing colors together, but not having them blend. In the video, I demonstrate three different techniques on how to mix the two colors together. I show the step by step process and also the outcome of each.


Two-Tone Designed Piping Bag

 Here I demostrate the Two Tone Piping Bag. It is a specially designed piping bag with a divider in the middle to be able to fill each side with a seperate icing color. You have to then place this piping bag into an empty piping bag in order to be able to pipe a design for you cannot add a coupler to this bag.


Pros: The piping bag already comes seperated. Colors do not bleed together creating a perfect merged effect.

Cons: Very difficult to fill the piping bag for the opening is very narrow. You cannot add a coupler or a tip to the bag. Are limited to only having two icing colors. Very pricey.



Filling a Piping Bag with Two icing colors

 Pros: You can put a coupler in the piping bag. You control the amount of color that you want to place inside. You can place more then two colors inside the bag if you want more colors.


Cons: Very messy. You have to squeeze the icing out until you get both colors. The icing blends together and after a while, is not very consistent for the colors change. If you are working with dark colors, the darker shade becomes dominate and the colors change.


 The Plastic Wrap Method

 Here I demonstrate how plastic wrap creates a barrier around the icing, preventing it from blending with the other icing color. It is the preferred method for it is easy to clean up and is not messy at all. Also, the colors do not mix together, preventing them from changing colors.

Pros: Easy to make. Does not allow the colors to blend together.

Cons: A little tricky to get the hang of starting the colors to merge together without having one color dominate the other.


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