Using the Cricut Machine for Fondant and Gum Paste

  Remember way back when the Cricut company came out with the Cricut Cake machine?  Well, those days are long gone, and I find myself yearning to go back to the days when I could make custom fondant designs. But unfortunately the Cricut Cake machine has since been discontinued. Now, for me, I already had […]

Baking Savvy’s DuraColor Fondant

  So I have been getting a lot of requests to come up with a fondant that holds strong colors such as black, red, dark blue, purple etc. And I must say, this was a recipe in the making for several months now (Okay, maybe about a year). There were definitely a lot of trial […]

Fondant Shine (Glaze)

This recipe was created on the night I was doing a Chanel purse cake for my Sister-In-Law’s birthday. After I was done with the cake, I took a step back and noticed that even though my cake looked amazing, it lacked a certain type of look to it. Of course, I saw right away that […]