Sugar Sheets – The New Cake Trend for 2020

I am sure that you have all seen the new cake trend known as “Sugar Sheets” that have been circling Instagram lately. A beautiful sugar sheet wrapped around the cake, making them look The first thing you want to do… Continue Reading

Using the Cricut Machine for Fondant and Gum Paste

  Remember way back when the Cricut company came out with the Cricut Cake machine?  Well, those days are long gone, and I find myself yearning to go back to the days when I could make custom fondant designs. But… Continue Reading

Dead Dough Recipe

  Dead Dough? Yes that’s right, dead dough. Its is basically a dough that is made without yeast or a leavening agent. This means that the dough will not rise when baked. What ever form you shape the dough, that… Continue Reading

All You Need to Know About Chocolate

Is it Cacao or Cocoa, whats the difference? The term cacao is used in the chocolate industry to indicate the tree Theobroma Cacao as its cultivation point or raw product. The cacao tree is an evergreen that grows to be… Continue Reading

Baking Savvy’s DuraColor Fondant

  So I have been getting a lot of requests to come up with a fondant that holds strong colors such as black, red, dark blue, purple etc. And I must say, this was a recipe in the making for… Continue Reading

Chocolate Truffles

Just about everyone has had a chocolate truffle at some point in their life, and just about everyone who’s had one loves them. As some of you may have deduced, truffles get their name for their resemblance to truffle mushrooms,… Continue Reading