Best Ever Royal Icing

Best Ever Royal Icing 2 lbs powdered sugar12 tbsp merengue powder1/2 - 3/4 cup water1 tsp pure vanilla extract1 pinch salt (*the salt is used to enhance the flavor) Sift together the powdered sugar, merengue powder and salt in a… Continue Reading

Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse 1 lb bittersweet chocolate (Cacao Barry Dark Chocolate is the best.)6 oz egg yolks (*Must be at room temperature)8 oz egg whites (*Must be at room temperature)2.5 oz granulated sugar8 oz heavy cream4 oz unsalted butter (*Must be… Continue Reading

Italian Buttercream

Not a big fan of the American Buttercream, well this Italian Buttercream is a great alternative. It gives a silky smooth feeling, with way less sugar then the American version. This Italian Buttercream is definitely a lot more stable versus… Continue Reading

Marshmallow Italian Meringue – “Super Cake” Frosting Replica

  In Puerto Rico, there is a little shop called “Super Cake”. They are famous for their meringue frosted cakes, filled with pineapple compote. Many family birthday traditions are celebrated with a “Super Cake” Cake. Especially in my family, that… Continue Reading