Dead Dough Recipe

  Dead Dough? Yes that’s right, dead dough. Its is basically a dough that is made without yeast or a leavening agent. This means that the dough will not rise when baked. What ever form you shape the dough, that… Continue Reading

Best Ever White Bread

Best Ever White Bread 2 cups whole milk2 tbsp granulated sugar2 tsp salt1 tbsp lard or shortening1 pkg. active dry yeast (2 1/4 tsp or 7 grams))1/4 cup warm water (Between 110°F - 115°F)6 - 61/2 cups sifted all purpose… Continue Reading

The Importance of Toasting Flour

  People often understand the dangers of eating raw dough due to the presence of raw eggs and the associated risk with Salmonella. But, did you know that raw flour can carry strains of E. coli?  Yep! That’s right. Flour… Continue Reading